Keyboard Stands

Had enough of fumbling around with locking pins or adjusting screws? Worried your stand won't survive demanding gigs or do you need a stand that sets up in seconds?

Look no further.

HERCULES once again sets the standard for quality and durability with its full range of keyboard stands. Designed for easy height adjustment and setting up, HERCULES EZ-LOK and HERCULES AUTO-LOK keyboard stands save you time and effort and let you focus on your music.

HERCULES ‘X’ type Keyboard stands feature the ‘EZ-LOK’ adjustment system. The key to its success is the simple way it operates. Just open the stand fully and then close it until one of the desired height settings is selected. The stand will then lock automatically. HERCULES ‘‘X’ type Keyboard stands all adjust in moments, are incredibly strong, portable and made of the very best available materials. The latest manufacturing techniques are also employed. Combine all of this with the most stringent quality controls and you have a product you can truly rely on.

HERCULES ‘Z’ keyboard stands feature the ‘Auto-Lock’ adjustment system and again, the system is simple to operate. Simply press the trigger on each leg to adjust the height of the stand. A further simple trigger operation will allow the user to set the width. HERCULES ‘Z’ keyboard stands are exceptionally strong and ideal for the larger keyboard. Professional players and students alike will also appreciate the exceptional stability that the Hercules ‘Z’ keyboard stand provides.

And if it is a sturdy keyboard bench or extension tier for your keyboard stand, HERCULES has it.

Choose HERCULES - Keyboard stands you really can trust.