Guitar Stands

Innovations and Product Ranges on our guitar stands include the Auto Grab System (AGS) ‘Shoksafe’ ‘Travlite’ and Home Series.

At HERCULES we take much time and great care in order to develop products that are truly the market leaders in their respective fields. This concept is very clearly demonstrated in our range of ‘Auto Grab’ (AGS) guitar stands and wall hangers. Seen by many as the next generation of guitar stands, the patented AGS system is unique and technically years ahead of any rival product on sale today. When placed on the stand the guitar does not just simply rest in place as on a conventional stand, but it is actually held securely by a pair of pivoting arms that close automatically. This AGS system is innovative, unique and revolutionary. The floor stands are extremely strong, exceptionally stable and very compact when folded. Add to this, quality materials, modern manufacturing methods and fastidious quality control and you truly have the market leader in its field.

HERCULES produce a range of lightweight ‘Travlite’ guitar stands that again possess innovative design features and the same high standards of material and manufacturing. This range is aimed at portability and while also being strong and stable, they are among the easiest and lightest stands to transport.

The HERCULES ‘Shoksafe’ system is designed to resist the odd inevitable stage collision and features a specific tilting post. It also has a specially shaped upper yoke to help hold the guitar in the event of a mishap.

The HERCULES range of guitar stands is diverse and even the most demanding and discerning player should find a product that fits their needs.

HERCULES - Stands you can trust.

* Due to the fact that some guitar manufacturers employ unique or non-standard finishes, HERCULES do advise checking with your owners manual for any special requirements that your particular instrument might require during storage.